Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Published for the first time made me feel such joy. How did it happened for me without a dime? Keep posting Blogs yes if you make it they will come. Write as much as you can in a week, I try for a Blog a day but I have been know to write a few like three. I think one day I could do four Blogs a day. I am Happy to tell you when I write deep down I don't feel by myself, I think your reading this the same time I write it. I could be dead and gone by now by the computer words will last forever. Just like texts if you don't want people to know then don't bad mouth them. Yes Life is Hard and you want to tell it all but TMI (to much info) can be uncomfortable for the people reading. http://hubpages/katedineenperry  http://kate68perry.com

Sunday, June 24, 2012

How SEO Works

How SEO Works It is a Enterprise SEO Update. Enjoy I didn't write this.

My Marketing Toolbox / The Thank You Economy: How Business Must Adapt to Social Media

My Marketing Toolbox / The Thank You Economy: How Business Must Adapt to Social Media  
This is a get video not by me.

Kitty with New Bell

This is our new Kitty I hope you enjoy this as much as we get a Kick out of her. In the 1st place she was found in a rain storm. Meep Meeep is the sound she crys so it is now her nick name, Her real name is Tinker Bell.

Ads on Blogs Really Happen

My 1st Blog with Advertiser

Love to know how this works? Just Google.com make a Blog at blogspot.com and your on your way. Who would have thought? Me yes you can do it. I'm not making money right now but I hope one day to get a check. I have been posting blogs for a good year I thought at one point I could work for Mashables.com but you need a B.A. for that job. I like the info. Head up don't repost everything you read one time last Christmas time I reposted that Jon Bon **** was Dead. He was very alive!! I was Happy to hear that. I took time off to be upset with myself one day hoped I would be ok, and now I am.

Inside Search: Video! The search quality meeting, uncut (annotate...

Inside Search: Video! The search quality meeting, uncut (annotate...: It took eight video cameras and 16 microphones, but we’ve done something new and special to give you another inside look at how search works...

This something to read. To beable to start your own blog on Google is Amazing.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Kate Perry's Blog

Just one more Blog I hope to spell right all the time but please excuse me for I am Human. If you want to reach me to Interview you and post you on my Blogs please connect with me by comment or email; kate68perry@gmail.com  and katedineenperry@gmail.com I work for me at this moment and I like it.  Social Media Tips I pass them on to my Twitter @kate68perry you can Follow or send a message. 
I like Hip Hop, Rap, Old School Rock,  Tech Stuff I Love. Love Smart phones and Computers. My Husband Jimmie Perry (That's where I got called Katie Perry for the 1st Time LOL). I Love God and am spiritual person. Family and friends have helped me on my path to awareness, I am sober my clean Date is August 13, 2009. I am able to change so can others.